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Today, at exactly 9 this morning, the life functions of my Aunt Edna Ebersole ceased. I am, sad, yet strangely accepting of this turn of events. Sure, my aunt and I didn't always get along, but this wasn't something I'd wish on anyone.

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*runs around like a maniac* Free at last, free at last!
Seriously, my first experience at college has been fun, at times a pain in the ass, but overall, fun. I only panicked a few times, mostly before taking my math final, and yeah, I think I passed it.

Of course, now, I'm having trouble figuring out where they post the grades. :P

My favorite professors have been my Psych teacher and my English Comp 1 teacher, they're both so infomative and helpful. I really learned a great deal from them, and I hope they learned something from me. My math teacher was the only one that I didn't like, and it's not because of the course, it's because of the fact that I could tell after the first couple of days that she's got what I have dubbed "an Umbridge aura", which lead me to throw up the "Hi, I'm Gred and Forge" shield, metaphorically speaking.

I eagerly await my next semester, and I'm enjoying the time off.

After I sold off my books, I made one little mistake, I stopped off at the GameStop in Troy on the way home. XD So now, I have Transformers ( 2006 version/Armada ), Metroid Prime, and one other, which I've decided to make a little abridged recap of the first level, so, enjoy.

*All of the lines you are reading are being voiced in a thick british valley-girl accent*

Day 1:

I just got a letter from mom. The bitch found my stash, and now she's going to smoke it all without me. So that's why she left me at this boarding school for 6 years. Like hell she's gonna smoke it all. I'm off to save my cronic.

Day 2:
Damn, I had no idea I could run that fast. I went looking for my mom, but all I found was some weird pervert that looks oddly like that one guy from Freakazoid, you know, the one who had the watch that could change beavers into gold? Well, anyways, I managed to find a hole behind one of the fire places, odd place for it, but ok. I found some weird ass water, a note from mom saying "Don't worry, I left the good shit in your room", and some other note about dead people. Also, I had to throw the water on the door in order for it to open. It wasn't sealed or anything, it just had ketchup on it. Or, at least, it looked like ketchup.

Day 3:
Ok, I don't know what the f*&% I smoked last night, but I'm never touching it again! I had some weird head trip where I went back in time to 1942, saw a bunch of dead people, gave them their shit back, and had to fight some huge panty-sniffing pedophile with a sledgehammer. Sorry, I'm not into guys with bandages on their face. In any case, yeah, my old homie, Dennis, showed up. Apparently, the little bugger broke into my house and stoled my dead grandfather's house key, then he tried to give it back to me, all in the hopes of getting laid. Speaking of getting laid, I should really think about changing this outfit, seeing as how the dirty schoolgirl thing has been done to death.

In case you haven't figured it out, yeah, it's Clock Tower 3, and I 100% love it!

So, If I don't hear from any of you before then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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I have so neglected it! *runs around foaming at the mouth and panicking* I know, I haven't updated for squat. My DA account gets more attention. :( Anwyays, just wanted to say that I finally saw The Dark Knight, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

I would go into a detailed rambling of how much I love those movies, and ribbon_crimson for recommending The Dark Knight to me.

I know, I need to update my other fic, and get my mind free. :P

For Anakin x Ahsoka fans, watch this vid! The song is addicting! :D


Also, for Harvey Dent fans, I found a vid too!


They're also up on my DA account, along with my fics.


Enjoy! :D

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*Does a strip-tease for you*

Random person: Oh gods, put it back on!

*Pulls up pants* Too weird? Yeah, I thought so too...... -_-

Anyways, yeah, Happy Birthday!

I feel so guilty for not making you anything, so I'll try to here in the next couple of days. :D

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Otherwise known as "Proper Ettiquette When Being In The Avatarverse".

I figure hey, if the HP fans get this: http://community.livejournal.com/harrypotfurs/1603.html

Why can't we give it a shot.
I'll start, feel free to add on.

1. I will not polish Aang's head.

2. Aang is the Avatar, not Kung-Fu Action Jesus, and I am not to refer to him as such.

3. Foo Foo Cuddly Poofs is the name of Sokka's baby Saber-Toothed Moose Lion cub, not Ty Lee's nickname.

4. nor Zhao's.

5. or Azula's.

6. or Toph's.

7. General Iroh is NOT Santa Claus, and I am not to jump into his lap and rattle off what I want for Christmas.

8. Neither is Long Feng.

9. I will not jump into Fire Lord Ozai's lap and sing "All I want for Christmas is you".

10. Not into Azula's either.

11. Their names are Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula, and I should stop referring to them as "The three fire-stooges"

12. Ozai's Angels doesn't go over well either.

13. And Ozai is not "Charlie".

14. And I shall not whistle the theme to "Charlie's Angels" every time the three ladies, or the fire lord, walk by.

15. I will not make Okanomiyaki around the cabbage vender.

16. I will not sing the theme to "Charmed" around Mai, Ty Lee, and Azula.

17. I will not sing "If you were gay" around Aang and Zuko, even if I do think they get a little too close.

18. The song "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night" is NOT an earthbender pick-up line.

19. And "We Didn't Start The Fire" isn't a pick-up line for firebenders.

20. I will not sing random Spongebob songs around Ty Lee, who in turn sings them to Azula.

21. Fire Lady Ursa is NOT Joan Crawford.

22. And I will not scream "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!" every time she walks by.

23. No matter how funny Fire Lord Ozai thinks it is.

Made by paintedbluerose on DA

24. I will not drool when around the Fire Lord.

25. Or Azula.

26. I will not try to tell Ozai how much I should be with him since I kill Zuko.

27. I will try my best not to smack Ty Lee out of her pink state.

More from me:

28. I will not teach Sokka to make rocket launchers.

29. A minigun is not "an alternet style of firebending", and I should not use them in an Agni Kai.

30. I shall not refer to Prince Zuko as "Captain Crispy".

31. Nor "emo boy".

32. Nor "bacon face".

33. Nor "left-eye".

34. Nor "cyclops".

35. Fire Lord Azulon is not really John McCain, and I should stop refering to him as such.

36. I am banned from singing "Daddy wasn't there" around Prince Zuko.

37. No matter how much Princess Azula pays me.

38. I am also not allowed to take bribes from Princess Azula.

Here's some from fayedove on DA

39. I will never underestimate Toph because of her size

40. Sokka will always forget Toph's blind

41. Sokka is silly not stupid

And here's a few more from me.

42. Regardless of the robes, Zuko, Ursa, and Ozai are not deatheaters.

43. Nor is Zuko Harry Potter.

44. And Aang is not Draco Malfoy.

45. And I am forbidden to sing The Whomping Willow's "Draco and Harry" song around them.

And here's a few from lilfirebender on DA

46. I will not use magic marker to draw a matching scar on the right side of Zuko's face.

47. I will not use magic marker to draw in an eyebrow on the left side of Zuko's face.

And here's a few more from me.

48. I am not allowed to post hentai pictures of Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee all over the Fire Nation Royal Palace.

49. Nor am I allowed to post hentai pictures of Katara and Toph all over the Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe, or Omashu and Ba Sing Se.

50. I can't post hentai pictures of Aang all over the Air Temples either.

from my cousin KarmaBlack

51. I will not try and scrub the *dirt* off of Zuko's face

52. Nor will I tell him that his mother told me to do it

and even more from paintedroseblue

53. I will not try to imagine all the girls in small white nightgowns, completly soaked.

54. Or the guys.

55. I will not insist that since Ty Lee is very perky, she has to jump constantly for me.

Shameless plug of my newest slideshow:

Well, that's all I got, for now.

Feel free to add to it.

I'm also gonna post this on my DA account


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 Ok, just so no one gets confused, this is just a bunch of weird random interviews in an AU in which the cast of "Avatar" is "the cast of Avatar". Certain ships will be present, and don't expect any in-character moments. Enjoy!

*A scene opens up to a brightly-lit room, and your host, aka Juria, sitting behind a huge, oak desk.*

Juria: Welcome, ladies and gentalmen, I'm here with the cast of, a fantastic show, "Avatar: The Last Airbender", and I've been suckered into, I mean volunteered to do a little Q & A with each character, couples, and to dispel certain rumors, so, uh, here we go.

*Camera pans over to everyone from Azula to Iroh sitting on a long couch.*

Juria: Well, I gotta be honest, it's an honor to be doing this. Thanks for joining me, guys.

Everyone but Zuko: *Gives praises and "thank you"s*

Zuko: *Mutters* Yeah, I'd better get paid hazard pay for this.

Toph: *Punches him in the arm.* Don't be such a buzz-kill, princess.

Juria: Um, ok. My first question is for pretty much all of you, how hard is your job?

Katara: Not as hard as it looks, except in Sokka's case. *Raises eyebrows* I swear, he thinks he's Jackie Chan.

*Everyone nods in agreement.*

Sokka: Hey, just because I do all my own stunts doesn't mean I work any harder than the rest of you.

Azula: *Grins* Yeah, and you also have sex with Ty Lee, now tell me that's not a workout.

Ty Lee: *Blinks* Um, who in the hell told you about that?

Azula: Please, why do you think his dressing room door is locked most of the time? You scream like a banshee.

Ty Lee: *Crosses arms and glares at Azula.* Oh yeah, like you and Suki are any better.

Azula: Please, *wraps an arms around Suki* we're delicate and quiet about our private life.

Juria: *Jaw drops* Ok, this is big news, Azula, care to elaberate about this? I'm sure, somewhere, a Hazula fan just died, as did most Tyzula and Maizula shippers.

Azula: *Grins* And let's not forget the Zucest and Aangzula shippers.

Zuko: *Cringes* I'm trying to.

Azula: Anyways, like I said before, my private life is my own. I'm not goign to throw it into your face, but seeing as how you asked, yes, I am gay, and yes, so is Suki. In fact, most of the girls that Sokka has kissed on-screen were gay. I mean, sorry, but Yue was flaming. 

Yue: Yeah, and Sokka, sorry honey, but you can't kiss for shit.

Juria: *Raises eyebrow* Ok, and now, Yue, I gotta ask, who are you with?

Jin: *Wraps her arms around Yue's neck.* Like you people had to guess?

90% of the avatards: *Jaw drops and die.*

Juria: *Sighs* Ok, next question, who is most like their on-screen character?

Aang: I'd have to say either Iroh, or Ty Lee.

Sokka: *Sing-songs while grinning at Ty Lee.* Only in public.

Katara: *Shudders and holds Aang* My brother is such a perv.

Iroh: Even I'm not going to touch that one.

Juria: Well, um, we're gonna take a quick break, while security trys to break up the in-coming fight between Ty Lee and Azula, and when we come back, we'll hear more. *Hides under desk* Hopefully.

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*pulls out Margulis and Jin blow-up dolls.* Here, enjoy o knife-weilding one! 

Happy Birthday! 

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This sucks. I had hoped to update all of my stuff, and yeah, there is a lot of it throughout the internet, this coming weekend.

Unfortunatly, it's not gonna happen, and once again, it's out of my control.

My cousin's 5-yr old son got head lice, and now they have to fumigate the entire house.

If I'm lucky, I'll be updating everything by next weekend.

Oh well, this gives me more of a chance to work on my stories, work on a few projects, and help out with the local booksale.

And no, I didn't get them, thank the gods.

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As many of you may have heard, Chris Benoit and his entire family were found dead in their home this past weekend.
Truely, it is a sad day for wrestling fans, and my heart goes out to the family's next of kin.

As a fan, when a wrestler you watch day after day passes, it's like losing a family member. 
Chris was one of the most physical, intense, and amazing athletes I have ever seen.
Watching the WWE without him, now, just won't be the same.

I don't remember who said it, but here's my final words:
"Goodnight Sweet Prince. May Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest."
RIP Benoit family.

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Just my first quick post. After several long hours of searching, I finally found the song I was looking for, and I'm happy enough to post said announcement here!

The song I was looking for: If We Hold On Together (The end song from the first, and best, Land Before TIme movie)
The artist: Diana Ross

*Turns into a chibi and starts dancing.*

*Gets funny looks.* What?
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